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For a complete list schools we feed click below. The list provides the school name, number of meals served, year started, and sponsorship availability of each school.

Our Schools

God has called Trinity HOPE to be His instrument to reach thousands of hungry children in Haiti and give them HOPE. By providing a nutritious meal during the school day, we not only fill their stomachs with life-sustaining food, we also enable them to be fed spiritually in Christian schools. A common phrase in Haiti is “An empty stomach has no ears.” At Trinity HOPE we understand this, and work very hard to give children a better future.

We work in over 141 Christian schools all over Haiti. The map to the left shows the number of schools in each region (A-I).

Here are 3 schools available for sponsorship:

All our schools are funded by either our General Fund or through a dedicated School Sponsorship.  When an existing school receives a new sponsor, it allows us to reallocate the money used from our General Fund to start an additional feeding program in a new school on our waiting list. A sponsor simply makes the commitment to fulfill the annual financial obligation for their school. The support can be paid monthly, annually, or however it is most convenient. We would love for your family, small group, church, or company to consider sponsoring a school together. 


Ecole Communautaire Christ Vivant

  • District: A

  • Grades: Pre - 5th

  • Meals/day: 84

  • Year started: 2019

  • Cost/month: $325

Matthew 25 Project Icon.jpg


  • District: A

  • Grades: 1st - 6th

  • Meals/day: 173

  • Year started: 2010

  • Cost/month: $670

Carmarc - Shared Sponsorship

  • District: H

  • Grades: Pre-K - 6th

  • Meals/day: 403

  • Year started: 2008

  • Cost/month: $25 (minimum)