John Hall (1939 – 2016) - Founder

John Hall (1939 – 2016) - Founder

John was the founder of Trinity HOPE, beginning the ministry in 1999.  While visiting Haiti on a mission trip, he witnessed one school where the children were disengaged in the learning process and very lethargic.  He was told the problem was hunger…those kids were coming from homes where the parents weren’t able to feed them.  John committed to begin a feeding program at that one school of 42 children in 1999.  Through God’s abundant blessings, John and his friends kept raising money and kept feeding more and more schools.  As John would say many years later, “God told me to start feeding those kids, and he has just never told me to stop.”  Under John’s leadership, Trinity HOPE served more than 26,000,000 meals throughout Haiti prior to his death in November, 2016. 

“Ain’t God good!” was one of John’s favorite phrases, and he was known to use it often when talking about the work God accomplished through Trinity HOPE.  John was a unique man of God, with a tremendous faith that always pointed others to Christ.  Prior to starting Trinity HOPE he was an executive and entrepreneur in the food brokerage business.  John and his lovely wife, Carol, were married over 50 years and have two grown daughters and two grandchildren.  As the words in Matthew 25 state, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Keith Logan - Executive Director

Keith Logan - Executive Director

Keith has worked extensively with the ministry since 2006.  For the vast majority of his first ten years, he worked as a volunteer, under the leadership and mentorship of John Hall.  During this time Keith also owned and operated his own business in the middle-Tennessee area.  In 2016, after selling the business, God opened the door for Keith to transition his career to where he could join the ministry as a full-time employee.  Keith and Beth have been happily married since 1987, and they have two wonderful daughters (Kyra and Brenna).   He has a heart to use the gifts God has given him to serve others and share the love of Christ.  Over the years, Keith has taught junior-high Sunday School, led and participated in men’s Bible studies, been a church elder, and been involved in personal mentorship relationships. 

“I love the Haitian children.  They are absolutely beautiful, and are the future of Haiti,” says Keith. “By going to the schools we feed, and hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, these children are the true missionaries of Haiti.  God is using them to reach their parents, their aunts and uncles, and their brothers and sisters.  It is such a blessing to be able to give them life-sustaining food every school day, enabling them to learn better and fulfill the plans God has in store for them.”

Denise Gudlin - Operations Manager

Denise Gudlin - Operations Manager

Denise is our Operations Manager on the U.S. side of our work, keeping our donors informed and utilizing the many varied skills God has given her to help the children in Haiti.  She and her husband Mark have three grown children and two grandchildren.  Her passion for children is deep, as evidenced through her years of service to the youth at church or seeing her playing with the children in Haiti.   Denise has worked for Trinity HOPE since 2012 and has made annual mission trips to Haiti to see the program in action.

“Seeing the joy on these children’s perfect faces is what keeps me going,” says Denise.  “They live in an environment where Satan is visibly active but they know God protects them.  They see God’s love each day they receive a hot lunch at school.  I have promised to share their story with everyone as long as there are hungry children in Haiti.”


Trinity HOPE Feeding Program Directors

Trinity HOPE Feeding Program Directors

All our programs in Haiti are run by local Haitians.  We have 18 dedicated Feeding Program Directors that are responsible for overseeing the feeding programs in their districts.  They are very Godly men that are Christian leaders within their church, community and families.  They take pride in their work and love the children they serve.

Our Board

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Trinity HOPE is blessed to have a strong, dedicated board of directors that serve on a volunteer basis.  Although their individual gifts and talents range from pastors, to business professionals, to retirees with great wisdom, the single trait they all share is a strong faith in Christ and a desire to bring God the glory for all He accomplishes through the ministry of Trinity HOPE.  Our current board members include:

Keith Logan – President

Steve Martens - Vice President

Jeanette Egly – Secretary/Treasurer

Rev. Keith Enko - Pastoral Advisor

Jay Brinkmeyer - Prayer Minister

Julie Stickney Childs

Kim Beihl

Jack Ficken

Carol Hall

Karen Hall

Dan Hesse

Denise Gudlin

Lee Compton

Sandy Fuehrmeyer

Brenda Parker

Chad Staman

Jonathan Welden