Sponsoring a Trinity Hope School

We offer a unique and valuable way to allow donors to create a deeper, more personal relationship with the children in Haiti. Of the 119 schools we serve each day, many of them have a special School Sponsorship relationship with a particular group, church or family. Is School Sponsorship something that may be right for you?

School Sponsors select the exact school they want to partner with in Haiti from a list Trinity HOPE maintains. In most cases, this school has been in our program for at least 1-2 years and we can provide historical information on the attendance, share many pictures of the children and the school, tell you of our experience when visiting the school with mission teams, and get you “connected” without even going to Haiti (although we always welcome a School Sponsor to visit their school on a Trinity HOPE mission trip!). The School Sponsor makes the commitment to provide the financial support needed to feed their school for the entire year. In addition to knowing you are making a life-changing investment in these children, three times a year you will also receive a School Correspondence Packet from your kids. This may include group pictures of the children in their classrooms or playground, drawings the children made especially for you, and a letter of thanks from the principal or kids. These are great to post on a bulletin board or share around the table with your friends and family.

When a school sponsor is announced to the children at a school, the kids often erupt in cheers, applause and prayers of thanksgiving. They understand this means there’s a special group of people in America that cares for them and is praying for them regularly. School Sponsors range from a number of individuals within a single congregation coming together to “pool” their support in the name of the their church, to a civic group or company, to a single family wanting to share the experience with their own kids. We encourage the sponsoring group or family to provide a picture of themselves so we can share it with the children and hang it on a wall at the school.

Schools available for sponsorship range in size from 50 children to over 500, generating an annual financial commitment between approximately $2,500 and $25,000. Partial sponsorships are also available for groups or families that desire a slightly smaller commitment. Payments can be made however best fits your calendar (monthly, one-time, quarterly, etc), as well as by check or on-line. 

If you would like more information on becoming a valuable School Sponsor please select which school you are interested in and contact us or donate online below:

  • Catrine Flon - 146 meals are served here daily. Monthly sponsorship -$563

  • Messef - 157 meals are served here daily. Monthly sponsorship - $603

  • Other - I'd rather pick a different school from the full School List.

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