Living water.

“Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.”  Colossians 3:16  

Scanning through photos that needed to be shared with you brought to mind a song that was sung at our Church recently.  The attached photo is of the school at Bergeaud which is in the Les Cayes District and here 37 young souls are being fed in a Trinity/HOPE program.  Learning about Jesus Christ, the living water and being fed through a gift from Community of Hope located in Tucson, AZ.  Living water; we sang a song recently with that same title.  The words were penned by Horatius Bonar, 1809-1889 and arranged by Dr. Kurt von Kampen in 2009.  The words describe the blessing that these 37 receive and you and I receive as well. 

“I heard the voice of Jesus say, ‘Come unto Me and rest.  Lay down thou weary one, lay down thy head upon My breast.’  I came to Jesus as I was so weary, worn and sad.  I found in Him a resting place, and He has made me glad.  I heard the voice of Jesus say, ‘Behold I freely give the living water thirsty one, stoop down and drink and live.’  I came to Jesus and I drank of that life giving stream.  My thirst was quenched, my soul revived, and now I live in Him.  I heard the voice of Jesus say, ‘I am this dark world’s Light, look unto Me thy moon shall rise and all thy day be bright.’  I looked to Jesus and I found in Him my Star, my Sun, and in that Light of life I’ll walk, till traveling days are done.  I heard the voice of Jesus say, ‘My Father’s house above has many mansions, I’ve a place prepared for you in love.’  I trust in Jesus in that house according to His word, redeemed by grace my soul shall live forever with the Lord.” 

Jesus has prepared a mansion for each of these 37 children and you too.  He has told each of them to seek and save the lost and bring them into the living water.  Same message for you and me.  Thank you for joining me in supporting their work with your prayers and financial blessings. 

Dear Heavenly Father, you have called your servants to ventures of which we cannot see the ending, by paths as yet untrodden, through perils unknown.  Give us faith to go out with good courage, not knowing where we go but only that your hand is leading us and your love supporting us through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  Amen.  

May God be with you…Jay