Don't be afraid, just believe.

“Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”  Mark 5:35

The words of Jesus to the leader of the Synagogue whose daughter was either dead or dying, “don’t be afraid, just believe” are so simple and yet so comforting.  The leader’s sense of urgency was not on the same page as Jesus’ plan and all too often our impatience with the timing of this world, the lack of a sense of urgency and the seemingly failure of our plans cause us to doubt and despair.

The road to the church and school at St. Raphael in the Cap Haitian area can be frustrating, much like the road to many of the rural congregations in Haiti.  There are no road signs or road maps that we are accustomed to using in North America.  The attached photo shows the ‘road’ sign alerting you to the Lutheran Church and school at St. Raphael.  There are 142 children attending school here and they enjoy their noon lunch that is being provided by Clyde and Carolyn Schroeder from Gallatin, TN.  When traveling to congregations in remote, rural areas of Haiti, listening to the driver and interpreter discuss if they should turn left or right at the ‘Y’ in the road brought me a sense of being stranded in the middle of nowhere…quite often; “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

Those words of encouragement always held true, as we always reached our destination.  The 142 children attending school at St. Raphael wondered when they would get a feeding program, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”  The Holy Spirit moved a team from Trinity/HOPE to their location and provided a donor to bring the gift of food to their school.  If you are facing times of high hurdles, raging rivers flooding your future, pain and suffering at every turn, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”  The most important thing in your life is your relationship with Jesus Christ, the champion of this world, the conqueror of satan, the carpenter’s son, the Son of God who has prepared a place for you in Heaven.  “Don’t be afraid, just believe.”

Dear Heavenly Father, you have called your servants to ventures of which we cannot see the ending, by paths as yet untrodden, through perils unknown.  Give us faith to go out with good courage, not knowing where we go but only that your hand is leading us and your love supporting us through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  Amen. 

May God be with you…Jay