Take A Trip

A typical mission trip with Trinity/HOPE is 7-9 days long. During the trip we travel to multiple districts within Haiti (a district is similar to large county in the U.S.). In each district we visit multiple Christian schools and accomplish the following objectives: inspect the school’s feeding program to ensure program compliance, observe the kids eating, confirm attendance records, meet with school administrators, play with the children, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through telling Bible stories, performing short skits, playing music and singing, etc. We will have plenty of time to interact with the children and share the love of Christ with them. A typical trip costs approximately $1,400 - $1,800, which includes round trip airfare, all ground transportation, hotels or guest houses, breakfast and dinner, our drivers and our translators. Because we are in the field during the day and restaurants are typically not available, we pack food for lunch with us.

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The primary languages in Haiti are French and Creole. Most everyday conversations are spoken in Creole. French is spoken in a more formal setting and is taught in the schools. We will have a translator with us at all times and they will translate the Bible stories we tell at the schools, help us in communicating to the kids and teach us a little Creole.

Haiti is a very troubled country, both politically and economically. At times these troubles can cause civil unrest and potential danger. We are VERY cautious and aware of the political climate while we are visiting Haiti. We never travel anywhere outside the hotels/guest house without having a Haitian with us. We use conservative judgment while there and make our team’s safety our absolute number one priority.

Overall we have found the mission trips to be a life-changing experience for most everyone involved. You will see extreme poverty and deplorable conditions. However, you will also meet children that will touch your heart and leave a permanent impression in your mind. You will ask yourself how things could possibly get to this point, what the solution is for change and wonder why the Haitians can’t get things turned around. Most importantly, the Holy Spirit will use this trip to allow you to share the love of Jesus Christ with hundreds of desperate children and give them hope. At the same time the Holy Spirit will touch you in a way that will deepen your personal relationship and walk with Jesus Christ. If you decide to join us, our prayer is that you will come back to the United States looking for new ways you can fulfill the Great Commission throughout your life. You will never be the same.

If you would like additional information, or have questions that are not answered above, please contact Denise Gudlin at 615-400-4918 (cell) or Keith Logan at 615-394-4950 (cell).